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The act of surgically removing the foreskin from a man's penis. The surgery is usually done to boys as infants. Reasons range from religious (practiced in the Jewish and Muslim faiths) to personal (many fathers want their sons to be like them; some parents worry about their sons not being like other boys) to health (birth defects or physical problems that could be fixed or relieved with the removal of the foreskin). The act is most common in Jewish and Muslim countries, as well as the United States (though the rate is decreasing). Most boys in Europe, Asia and Central and South America are not circumcised.

Although it has been a controversial subject for many years, most doctors now agree that the surgery is not beneficial except in individual, health-related cases. Most insurance companies no longer cover the surgery. A penis generally functions the same way circumcised or not, so the only real difference is aesthetic.
John was not circumcised because his parents didn't feel there was good reason to do so.

Daniel and Elizabeth's son was circumcised as a part of their Jewish faith.
by david January 22, 2005
An operation often done to boys at birth (or at least before puberty). Not necessary for health (as long as the guy is clean) or sexual pleasure, and no great aesthetic improvement. De rigeur among some communities, usually for religious reasons.

Probably something that a grown man should decide to have done to himself, as opposed to something that a little boy's parents decide to have done to him.
"What are your views on circumcision?"
"I have none...but I won't do it to any son of mine."
by Qit February 27, 2004
It's the removal of the foreskin. It's not a "sadistic rite," insanity, or a barbaric act. It's a surgical procedure that parents may choose to have their boys undergo for the best interests of the child, or at the recommendation of a doctor.
Circumcision eliminates problems with retracting the foreskin and inflammation of the foreskin. It also may reduce the risk of penile cancer and urinary tract infections. Aside from that, many people don't consider a drooping hunk of skin at the end of a sex organ to be very attractive.

Hygiene is an issue with circumcision. You can see why the hygiene argument might have a basis in circumcision, since the foreskin acts as a storage unit for nasty substances. It doesn't take long for bacteria to multiply and become great in number, and for build-ups to happen. See smegma.

Label on a penis: Not circumcised. Wash before and after sex, masturbation, or public display.

Come on, people. Circumcision's a personal point of view. Be happy with what you have. The only "damage" here is that caused by people that tell circumcised males that they _are_ damaged or "mutilated!"

Mutilation: the destruction of something to where it is not nearly what it was or how it used to perform. Well, if circumcision is sexual mutilation, how come America (with the majority of males circumcised) are happy people -- many with children?
by Shauser5005 December 14, 2004
Something that should never ever be attempted whilst drunk
my friend was sliced up quite badly by a botched circumcision. Then his girlfriend left him
by Jinzaki May 31, 2005
Ooooooooooowwww! (from the Latin for "oooooooowwww!")
Circumcision? "Uhh...could you talk about something else? Like prison rape? Anything?" -Jim Gaffigan
by aaargh i am not a pirate April 05, 2011
The mark of the Jew.
The Israeli flag should have a circumcision on it instead of the star of david and or pentagram.
by uncircumcised jew October 25, 2010
A large gathering of Jewish people.
"What's going on in the hotel lobby? A circumcision??"
by rodneyrox2 January 08, 2010