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73 definitions by William

Marianna is a totally hot babe! she really lights my fire. see sexy, booty, legs,
wow you are almost as hot as marianna.
by William February 03, 2005
A game where you can kill cops, murder prostitutes, gun down innocent civilians, cause death and mayhem on large scales with a tank and get away with it.
lets kill a cop, I know we'll play Vice City
by william December 29, 2003
The act of removing a natural, normal body part, that most Americans think is a birth defect that every man just "happens to have"
That boy has some mysterious growth around the head of his penis, just like every other boy in the world! He should get a circumcision
by William May 07, 2003
Mills, Wooden Shoes, Cheese, Marihuana, Hookers and Tullips. Have to say more?
I am a citizen of the Netherlands
by William March 06, 2004
blac haze is the don makaveli/2pac under a new alias there is no body in the world how could sound like 2pac/makaveli except 2pac himself
2pac/makaveli/blac haze they are the same person
by william December 20, 2003
A Mexicanese Goddess whose which beauty is undescribable with words and can only be explained with a wide-eyed open-mouthed drooling facial expression.
A Comatose in which the subject is rendered immobile due to the overwhelming beauty of this "Jeanie"
by William June 19, 2006
Someone who engages in a sexual relationship with a minor.
"My daughter isn't going near him, he's a timko."
"Wow, he totally timko'd that girl"
by William April 10, 2005