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Used to describe sexual or romantic feelings between two people of the same gender.
People often refer to the Bible or God to backup their points about homosexuality. They say that "It's in the bible that it's a sin, so it's bad."

How can they use this to backup their points? First, not everyone believes in that shit. Second, most people that preach it are sinful in other ways. So, according to the Bible, they are just as hell-bound as homosexuals are.
by Shauser5005 July 25, 2004
It's the removal of the foreskin. It's not a "sadistic rite," insanity, or a barbaric act. It's a surgical procedure that parents may choose to have their boys undergo for the best interests of the child, or at the recommendation of a doctor.
Circumcision eliminates problems with retracting the foreskin and inflammation of the foreskin. It also may reduce the risk of penile cancer and urinary tract infections. Aside from that, many people don't consider a drooping hunk of skin at the end of a sex organ to be very attractive.

Hygiene is an issue with circumcision. You can see why the hygiene argument might have a basis in circumcision, since the foreskin acts as a storage unit for nasty substances. It doesn't take long for bacteria to multiply and become great in number, and for build-ups to happen. See smegma.

Label on a penis: Not circumcised. Wash before and after sex, masturbation, or public display.

Come on, people. Circumcision's a personal point of view. Be happy with what you have. The only "damage" here is that caused by people that tell circumcised males that they _are_ damaged or "mutilated!"

Mutilation: the destruction of something to where it is not nearly what it was or how it used to perform. Well, if circumcision is sexual mutilation, how come America (with the majority of males circumcised) are happy people -- many with children?
by Shauser5005 December 14, 2004
A biased opinion made on emotion or stereotypes rather than reason.
Prejudice often involves creating an opinion of a person based off some quality that doesn't directly correlate to that person's character. For example, homomsexuality doesn't necessarily make a person bad; but for that quality, some people hate.
by Shauser5005 August 19, 2004
Not an official diet. A "pretend" diet promoted by commercials by a certain company to get people to purcahse that company's products.
Angus must be some pretty healthy meat to make it the basis of a diet.

Fat-free meat. Who knew?
by Shauser5005 August 19, 2004
An organization run by a bunch of egotistical maniacs who are in it to reach their own political agenda. Also run by people who protest the stereotypes against teenagers and children while reinforcing them through their uncivilized, vulgar attitude (particularly towards dissenters with their cause).
NYRA is a joke. It might mean more if it wasn't a gated community masquerading as an organization promoting civil rights.
by Shauser5005 April 28, 2006
An organization run by a bunch of egotistical maniacs that feel that they're the best thing to happen to Earth since sliced bread. Its community is run by moderators that act in an inconsistent, biased way -- picking favorites among users and visitors. The community members ostracize and gang up on people that don't agree with their points of view and opinions, which is funny, since this lawless, unbalanced community is supposed to be run by people that support freedom of speech and thought.

An organization with executives that hide behind the corporate entity while using verbal guerrila tactics to overcome those that disagree with them.

An organization that's so full of itself that they've defined themselves in an open-source encyclopedia. Oh, well. If I was starved for attention and attempting to silence my few damaging opponents, I might make a desperate cry for publicity, too.

An organization associated with a movement where one of its major influential people, Josh Gilbert, committed suicide. Gee, I wonder why?
One look at the vulgar nature of the communication within the community will turn any neutral adult into an ageist. The immature behavior of NYRA's members just reinforces the stereotypes that youth are indecent people that act before thinking carefully about their actions.

Yeah, so let's have NYRA just wipe out the voting age and drinking age. What's left? Way to plan our future, idiots!

"You're just not that important..." - Scott Davidson, a NYRA director, to someone who held skeptisism to the approach of the current youth rights movement

Assenter = Person exercising freedom of speech
Dissenter = Ageist bigot that writes libel

Freedom of speech is more than the freedom to write the "F" word a lot.
by Shauser5005 February 26, 2006

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