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A very fat man who touches himself in private places while listening to the Jonas Brothers.
My boss calls himself Dimmer
by Sephard June 22, 2010
to touch yourself in strange places while listening to the jonas brothers
"i gave my all for you, now my hearts in two"
im rubbing my pussy while listening to sos :D
im dimmer - ing.
by j-drake12 August 28, 2008
One who instantly feels the need to 'turn the light' down and speak negatively when someone's name is positively and brightly mentioned
"Oh Wow I LOVE the way Sam paints his pictures"

DIMMER: "Yeah he's not bad but you know he got done for stealing paintbrushes 10 years ago????"
by Isaiah-Raymond November 01, 2011
Rawk. None more so.
"Gee Judith, they sure are Dimmer. I think I will touch myself and listen to Greatful Dead."
by weaver October 14, 2003
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