to cut off a males foreskin.
It is usually done in muslim and jewish countries. America is the only non jewish or muslim country where most males are circumcised. It is also the best treatment for phimosis and infections like balanitis.

It also prevents masturbation. This is entirely psychological due to being made to feel unhappy and inferior by anti circumcision activists and most of the other authors on this page, saying that circumcision is mutilation and decreases sexual pleasure. It makes the penis less sensitive which does not mean less pleasure. It increases staying power for better orgasms and is more enjoyable for both man and woman.
if all the anti circumcision activists didn't write all the crap about circumcision on the internet, circumcised men would not masturbate any less than uncircumcised men.
by dr sex May 29, 2006
It's the removal of the foreskin. It's not a "sadistic rite," insanity, or a barbaric act. It's a surgical procedure that parents may choose to have their boys undergo for the best interests of the child, or at the recommendation of a doctor.
Circumcision eliminates problems with retracting the foreskin and inflammation of the foreskin. It also may reduce the risk of penile cancer and urinary tract infections. Aside from that, many people don't consider a drooping hunk of skin at the end of a sex organ to be very attractive.

Hygiene is an issue with circumcision. You can see why the hygiene argument might have a basis in circumcision, since the foreskin acts as a storage unit for nasty substances. It doesn't take long for bacteria to multiply and become great in number, and for build-ups to happen. See smegma.

Label on a penis: Not circumcised. Wash before and after sex, masturbation, or public display.

Come on, people. Circumcision's a personal point of view. Be happy with what you have. The only "damage" here is that caused by people that tell circumcised males that they _are_ damaged or "mutilated!"

Mutilation: the destruction of something to where it is not nearly what it was or how it used to perform. Well, if circumcision is sexual mutilation, how come America (with the majority of males circumcised) are happy people -- many with children?
by Shauser5005 December 14, 2004
A procedure done to male infants in which the foreskin is cut off. It is usually done either for religious reasons (done by Jews) or for hygiene reasons. Believe it or not, Circumcision is not cutting off the entire penis, but merely the outer layer of foreskin. Many assholes believe Jews are bad people because they do this but it has no negative effects. Pleasure in intercourse is not increased or decreased, and the ability to produce children is also not affected. What? You thought it meant you couldn't have children. Idiot, how do you think Jewish babies are born? Honestly. The only real effect that circumcision has is better hygiene and less of a chance getting varied penal diseases.
The main reason many people believe circumcision is bad is because of varied anti-Semitic reasons, as well as the fact that many men are sensitive to cutting down there.
"I'm Jewish, so I was circumcised."
"Is circumcision like cutting off a girl's nipples?"
NO, you idiot. If you cut off a girl's nipples she would have no way to nurse her children and many other health problems. The foreskin has no use but nipples do.
by Irefusetotellyoumyname February 13, 2011
An entirely legitimate procedure done with a male child, usually at birth, that involves cutting off the excess foreskin of the penis. Those who have not been circumcised are required to pull back the foreskin over the head and clean it, if this is not done early in life (which is entirely possible due to that the United States only accomodates for circumcised men, that they never show pictures of uncircumcised penises when a child is studying Sex Ed so the uncircumcised boy doesn't know what it's supposed to look like) then the ligements in the penis will bond to the foreskin and the skin will have to be medically pulled back by anesthesizing the head and scrotum with an epidermic needle, which is equally painful, if not moreso, then having the foreskin completely cut off at birth.

The foreskin has one rewarding factor in that it increases sexual pleasure, but most uncircumcised men will never be able to experience that due to the bizarre and gross appearance of the penis (seriously, it looks like a saarlac) that will disgust the woman.
“Ah!” Sammie yelped “You think my vagina’s gross! What the hell’s the matter with your penis!?”
Jack looked down at it “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, society!”
“Society made your penis look like a sarlac?”
“No” he pulled his foreskin over the head “It used to look like this.”
“What happened?”
“I already told you, society!”
“That still doesn’t answer my question!”
“Okay, my parents didn’t have me circumcised when I was born.”
“Why would they ever do such a thing to a young child?”
“I know, right!? Now I have to suffer for life, as opposed to the few short seconds that I would have as a child.”
“So why don’t you just get it taken care of?”
“Because it hurts.”
“So? Isn’t it better than having a penis that looks like it eats Jedi’s?”
“I suppose so, but foreskin actually increases the amount of pleasure” he shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know. I just sure as hell know that our kids are getting it cut off.”
“Damn right they are! I want the best for our children.”
“Me too, they’ll even fit in better. It’s the most important thing you can do for a child.”

*Lil' Jack Horny: Circumcision Discussion*
by Jackyl Hermanubis October 19, 2009
American practice of Barbaric Mutilation Of A Healthy Boys Genitals with a sharp instrument, Causing unknown pain at the time and anger later in life when they realise they have been robbed of the most sensitve part of the male body.
Risky Surgery that can leave the penis smaller, bent or even disfigured.
I Have a friend who had the head of his penis sliced by a doctor during Circumcision - ouch.

A lot of American boys I talk to are upset that their parents had circumcision performed on them at birth for no apparently credible reason.

by Jellyphant July 27, 2003
What happens when ignorant parents are jealous of their beautiful child.
Mother: Honey, our son was so handsome that I cut his foreskin off.
Father: Thank god you circumcised him! At least he isn't as good looking as I am.
^^^ Fucking parents don't even know what circumcision does to the poor boy's sex life.
by ProfessionalProgrammer January 17, 2015
A practice of removing the foreskin from the human male penis to expose the glans.

Only common in the Jewish faith and in the United States, the vast majority of the developed world having paid attention to the research indicating it's a completely unnecessary and barbaric practice. Neonatal circumcision is illegal in a few countries and never offered on nationalised health care unless there is a problem with the ability of the foreskin to retract and expose the glans.

Reduces sensitivity by causing callousing of the glans tissue and if performed incorrectly can result in almost complete loss of penile sensation and resulting sexual dysfunction.

The vast majority of human males are not circumcised.

Boyle et al. stated that "the genitally intact male has thousands of fine touch receptors and other highly erogenous nerve endings—many of which are lost to circumcision, with an inevitable reduction in sexual sensation experienced by circumcised males." They concluded, "Evidence has also started to accumulate that male circumcision may result in lifelong physical, sexual, and sometimes psychological harm as well."

Sorrells et al., using monofilament touch-test mapping, found that the foreskin contains the most sensitive parts of the penis, noting that these parts are lost to circumcision. They also found that "the glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine-touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis."
by Fraserw September 05, 2008

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