High quality marijuana which is then tossed with keif. The result being marijuana which is very sticky when touched as well as having a great abundance of crystals. Commonly after the process of coating it with keif is completed it then is sprayed with RC cola that has been allowed to sit until flat. This causes the crystals to dissolve into the marijuana buds as well as adding a slight flavoring. This process although helpful (as fewer crystals will be lost when you touch it) is not necessary to produce Chronic.

a common misconception is that Chronic is marijuana with cocaine sprinkled on it. Cocaine trading on the streets for 100 dollars a gram for 30% pure cocaine is unlikely to be used on marijuana. When Marijuana and cocaine are induced at the same time the feeling brought about by the marijuana is over powered by that of the cocaine. Further cocaine can not be properly ingested by many of the ways that marijuana is (I.E. a water bong ). for these reasons although possible it makes the thought of ingesting cocaine through marijuana a silly one and at the very least an over priced way of ingesting it.
Roll up that chronic and lets breeze homie.
by Luke November 08, 2005
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1) very high-quality weed, generally with red hairs on it.
2) pertaining to a long-lasting medical condition.
From smoking too much chronic, Joe ended up with a chronic case of the shaky-shivers.
by Nick D April 28, 2003
Chronic has two different definitions varying on your location.

East Coast: Weed (Marijuana) that is laced with Cocaine to give an added effect

West Coast: The finest weed available with no seeds or any shit
East: I'm feeling suicidal, lemme get some chronic

West:I'm looking to get some chronic, none of that crappy bullshit
by Madman September 14, 2004
1.) One of the stronger strains of marijuana. It is actually NOT used to describe just any sort of good weed, there is a certain type, usually indica, that is labled chronic. It won 3rd place at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

2.) Marijuana laced with cocaine.
1.) "And a phat ass J of some bubonic chronic that made me choke. Shit this ain't no joke." - Snoop Dogg

2.) Joe rolled an eight with a nick of coke and we smoked a phat ass chronic blunt.
by Kidd Flow February 20, 2005
1. Very potent, high-grade marijuana. Typically categorized by it's lack of seeds (sensimilia) and high concentrations of white or opaque crystals (trichromes)

2. In a very acute or intense state of being
The chronic I had the other day helped me mellow out after a hard days of work.
by sinthetek March 16, 2005
A type of marijuana. Chronic is grown under perfect conditions which makes the THC (marijuana's active ingredient) level go through the roof. This results in a much stronger drug and a greater smell.
Pass the chronic yo.
by Street Pharmicist August 28, 2003
Chronic is buds of cannabis (weed) that is extremely potent. In sight, Chronic has crystals of THC in plain sight. May or may not have seeds. Extremely sticky when touched.
I smoked a chronic blunt on the bridge.
by Chron Lungs March 04, 2005
1.High quality weed, usually strains produced for high THC and yeild. The term "chronic" also may be used for good weed when the specific strain is not known. For example, if you bought some chronic that was the northern lights strain, it would be sold as "northern lights," not chronic.

Damn I'm so Fuckin' high right now! (on chronic btw ;)
"you got some chronic man?, no, I got a fat sack of maui though!"
by derek November 19, 2003
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