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An annual contest in Amsterdam where marijuana growers from around the world bring the cream of their crop and a winner is announced and named best weed in the world. Sponsored by High Times Magazine, and usually held in late November.
Julio: "Sheeeit man I'm on the hunt for the green october like it ain't no thing."
Paul Simon: "You in luck playa. I got this BC bud, this phat chronic nugget from Cali, Cannibus Cup winning Greenhouse Morning Glory from the dam, and then there's this Canadian schwag. What you want."
Julio: "Schwag! Right on! Gimme that shit, I'm gonna go smoke that over in the schoolyard."
Paul Simon: "Fucking rookies."
by Nick D November 05, 2003
A annual event that takes place in the country of Amsterdam meant to celebrate marijuana and to smoke it in various "coffeshops".
This is a legal event, as cannabis use is not a crime in the country.
Dude, I went to the Cannabis Cup, and got totally wasted!
by Adverse Entropy September 08, 2005
Midgey aka The Soccer Mom
Short-big nose-cant ride the ferris wheel alone
man hes a midgey
by Candee June 04, 2004