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The chronic is a patented product name for seeds that come from a seed breeder and seller legal called Serious Seed Co. It is known for the best combination of large yield and high quality. It is whats called the cash croppers dream!
The chronic plant looks like an upside dowm octopus.
by hemlockremover July 11, 2010
1)a desperation, or inherant craving for that which is desired.
2)on going, long lasting, repititous.. mostly refered to the marajuaina.
- name introduced by west coast crips in early to middle 1990's. often affliated to the marajuaina plant with most potency.
1)this CHRONIC fatigue is killing me.
by THE PERSON TO KNOW November 08, 2005
some damn good smoke wit a little extra somethin special in it for anyone who's smoked it and knows and for yall back home in da east we call it dank........
bitch pass dat chronic you suckin, you know you don't get none.
by BiG j January 21, 2005
chronic--- some dank ass high quality weed that will fuck you up for long periods of time, if you find any seeds its not chronic. chronic comes in all sorts ;orenge,red,blue,purple,white ext.
and once you have had chronic you will never be satisfied with shwag or middy
i only smoke chronic so i know what the fuck im talkin about
by smoked out June 16, 2004
A term for high quality cannabis sativa
"Cannabis sativa... Or in the heart of LA known as the chronic... not to be confused with the bionic, even though it does cost 6 million dollars, man" - from Dr. Dre's album "the Chronic"
by Chron Mastah Curt April 15, 2010
Very strong marijuana strain with easily noticeable THC crystals, which are often mistaken for cocaine crystals by people with single figure IQ's
Guy 1: Man that chronic I bought yesterday was laced with cocaine
Guy 2: Thats not cocaine you dumbass, those are THC crystals.
by thearchitect November 25, 2007
high yielding fairly potent commercial strain of cannabis, mostly indica
yo man i got that chronic
by fatman January 08, 2005