The cause and solution of all of lifes problems
"Tanqueray and chronic, yeah I'm fucked up now."

~Snoop Dogg
by E. Moons June 03, 2006
Street name for Marijuana, particularly that of a high potency or quality. Characterized by large, visible THC crystals on the leaves and buds of the plant. Name often shortened to "Chron."
Now the copywritten name of a specific strain of Marijuana.
Bluntman and Chronic
-Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
by Chefr de NOLA March 12, 2005
1. Word to describe any very good strain of marijuana. This term must NOT be thrown around lightly. (ie.Even if you get the sickest strain's of weed all the time and they are better than what everyone else has, only call the few very best types 'da kronic').
Crystal's, red/purple fibres and healthy green is what yo' lookin for.
2. Extreme or severe. Especially, but not explicably someone who smoke's the above substance everyday."
3. Anything sick, excellent, extreme, severe or funny.
1. Daaaaamn. That shit is da chronic!"
2. "Man, i've had a chronic headache all day."
"Probably 'coz yo' is a chronic."
3. "That was a chronic party last night." (sick)
"I have some chronic news for you." (excellent)
"The most chronic thing happened to me last night." (extreme/severe)
"Hahaha...That's chronic." (funny)
by Diego July 18, 2003
1.In the west it is high quality and reletively seedless nugs.
2.Back east it is dank refer usually laced with coke.
Make my funk the Chronic
by cannabisativa October 09, 2003
a more potent form of marijuana, it is better than your regular schwag, it comes in nugs and rarley has seeds and usually just one stem
Roll up a blunt with that chronic nigga.
by Indo man September 24, 2003
A Higher grade of Weed (Marijuana). Usually better in quality as well as higher in price, than "normal" (stress, swag, bammer) weed. The high is much better, with less of it having to be smoked, and the "high" lasts longer too.
I smoke nothing but Chronic. I don't waste my time smoking that stress anymore.
by BrandiCuervo July 25, 2006
This medium height, not too dense Chronic is the perfect combination of good yield and excellent quality. This type of Serious Bud is Sativa and Indica Hybrid best for indoor growing. Won the 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 1994, improved in 2000.
It has a combination of appearances and sweet smell.
It generally has Red Hairs and White Fuzz, THC (not) Crack/Cocaine, and Leaves are a bit Dark.
BUT, may refer to be Chronic laced with Crack or Pure Cocaine for a and more powerful side effect. (Cocoa Puffs)
Guy1 - Lets go burn some of dat Dank ass Endo
Guy2 - Fuck yea, Clambake another Doobie
Guy1 - Lets use dat Mutha Fuck'n Hookah, too Bro
by Chronica May 25, 2006

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