The best smoke out there. Usually $50 for an eight and $100 for a quarter ounce. For all you smokers know, when your dude calls you and tells you he's got the chronic, you budget immediately. Especially when you live in Cincinnati.
Hey, my dudes got the chronic!! Got any money?
by colescar November 23, 2007
A high quality type of marijuana, very high potency, usually a very light green that contains small white crystals. Also chronic carries a very deluctable, yet strong, smell. Generally you do not need to smoke as much chronic as you would other inferior qualities such as mids or schwag, to feel the necessary effects. Chronic also does not carry any seeds nor stems.
I smoked some dank ass chronic last night
by PhilLaraway April 02, 2006
When you are already smoking weed and after your done and you want more, this means you have chronics
"Let's toke a sesh.... ( after sesh ) man lets toke some more chrontons."
"Man you got the chronics!"
by Luciano Capasso September 12, 2006
usually good strains of weed grown to produce a high level of THC, while also producing high yeild. Contradictory to what previous definitions stated, at least where I live, It is common to find chronic laced with cocaine. Of course, is doesn't have to be laced with coc to be chronic.
"hey, can you hook it up with a quarter of chron man?, hell yeah, 110"
by derek November 18, 2003
A certain type of weed often smoked and referred to by rappers such as Dre. It's quite a high grade weed, better then bubble gum or white widdow, selling at about 8€/gram
Who want's to go smoke some chronic?
Puffin the chronic
by Erikk November 05, 2006
type of weed....
yo dawg wat u sayin today still u wanna blaze some chronics
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
The chronic is a patented product name for seeds that come from a seed breeder and seller legal called Serious Seed Co. It is known for the best combination of large yield and high quality. It is whats called the cash croppers dream!
The chronic plant looks like an upside dowm octopus.
by hemlockremover July 11, 2010
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