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4 definitions by Madman

A delicious cream or jam filled treat. Or a prostitute.
I could sure go for a tart right now.
by Madman April 04, 2003
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Chronic has two different definitions varying on your location.

East Coast: Weed (Marijuana) that is laced with Cocaine to give an added effect

West Coast: The finest weed available with no seeds or any shit
East: I'm feeling suicidal, lemme get some chronic

West:I'm looking to get some chronic, none of that crappy bullshit
by Madman September 14, 2004
3141 1983
A word used my losery 10 year olds who read it playing Counter-Strike, which is in between watching Dragonball Z and Pokemon. Most of them don't know what it means and write screwed up sentences.
Loser69: h4 h4 I 4m 500 1337. j00 ll4ma ha><0|2z 5u|< mi w4ng!
Realplayer: Shut up and die.
by Madman April 01, 2003
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The central mainframe for all Macs. PC users must constantly attempt to pwn the mac mainframe in order to maintain their h4x0r status with their PC buddies. This is not so much something that exists but rather something most people would like to hack.

Also used as an expression of a like of something or victory
<Andrew> Hahah and then I went to download it and it turned out to be porn!
<Sam> Instense mofos, that certainly does hack the mac mainframe per say.
by Madman May 28, 2004
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