an idiot or insult to a person.. also used in the verb format as in to rip off someone
1. You are a chooch

2. I chooched the kid going into the first turn
by chooch June 22, 2004
Lazy Donkey
Kempston is a chooch!
by Jimmy Glick August 22, 2003
This word is simply a Wild-Card. It can be used in many different ways in many different situations. It can be what you call a close buddy, a dickhead, someone who drives like an asshole, or your Dad when he is being a Chooch..
Hey Chooch, if you dont red this place up, you and I are gonna tangle assholes!" "Wow! look on the chooch on that chich.. Id let her play with my chuch" "Don't be a chooch" or simply "Chooooooooch
by Stone-wood June 25, 2010
a penis, vagina, or ass hole
by choochmeister May 17, 2010
A person of Chinese origin, who looks or acts like a hooch (prostitute/slag).

A portmanteau of "Chinese hooch".
That bitch is such a chooch.

Stop being so choochy.

Choochy momma.

Your momma is one dirty chooch.

by Choochy mamma January 06, 2010
in one of the native Indian languages chooch means really cute, adorable or graceful.
Guy 1 : hey did you see that girl Kia

Guy 2: oh yeah she is so chooch!!!
by kingm4ker July 29, 2009
slang for the choo choo train.
I'm sick of this place. Bout to go hop on the chooch and start a new life.
by Dikylrumpskins April 11, 2009
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