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Comes from the Native American (Salish/Chinook) for 'great', 'large', 'frightening'.
skookum chuck = large water = the Pacific Ocean.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
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A another word for the slang phrase "Tight" or something solid, or genuinely cool
hey check this out.. yeah that's skookum!
that's so skookum!
by steves candy eater October 22, 2003
it means large, powerful & impresive
hey skookums skookums
by bilco3 August 30, 2006
Very, very large
Tina: yo girl did you see the anacona between that dudes thighs?

Gean: Fck that skookum, guys like that are usually assholes and act hard core. I like em soft, cuddly, literary and to the point

Tina: what is it with you and dorky guys?

Gean: If they don't know what a jedi, or a beatster is I don't get turned on by em at all
by calmeamidalawenispnkya October 21, 2009
handsome and good-looking man.
Keenan is so skookum
by Belle August 27, 2004
Means "Good Luck" American Indian in origin. There is a town of Skookum near Aberdeen in Washington state. Also a logging company (Skookum Logging),and a Skookum log-yarder. Used frequently by Loggers to describe anything done well.
"Tim was able to fell, buck and yard all of the trees that were marked for harvesting without barking up any of the trees that were designated to be left standing. He did a skookum job"
by Frank October 13, 2003
An intensely complicated sex move involving three or more people, three of which must be the same gender. The skookum involves at least one occasion of anal. A variety of roles are to be played by the skookers. The first is someone who pretends to be a wild animal, usually a wolf or a bear. The second takes the role of Lou Gehrig. The third skooker eats large volumes of food during the ordeal, usually in the form of subway sandwiches or chicken burritos. However, because the skookum may involve more people, it is not limited to only these types of roles. The skookum lasts hours, and frequently continues long into the night. Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" is the optimal song to skook to.
Lou, Bill, and Yanni spent all of last night doing the skookum.
by bizscott June 10, 2009

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