A person of Chinese origin, who looks or acts like a hooch (prostitute/slag).

A portmanteau of "Chinese hooch".
That bitch is such a chooch.

Stop being so choochy.

Choochy momma.

Your momma is one dirty chooch.

by Choochy mamma January 06, 2010
the inside of a vagina
dude what a fucking chooch
by danniel November 03, 2006
One of the minor characters of the popular 1960's cartoon "Top Cat". aka Choo Choo. Other characters include Top Cat (main character, aka TC), Benny, Brain, Fancy Fancy, Officer Dibble, and Spook.
The voice of Chooch in the cartoon "Top Cat" was provided by Marvin Kaplan.
Adj; A tightly wound,anal retentive motor sergeant with a wicked flat top and a protruding vein coming from his forehead. AKA The Giff.
I can't believe The Giff made me combat park all of those vehicles. What a Chooch!
by rdsxfanatic June 14, 2006
'Chooch' is a direct derivative of choch or chotch.

It is a construct for people who are addicted to the word choch so choch does not get worn out.

see choch, chotch

It is no more harmful than dork, geek, douche, or fagmo. Related words: chooch, chich, chinch.

One may also form verb or adjective derivatives of the word, e.g. chooched, chooching, choochy
"That kid is such a chooch!"
"Who are these chooches?"
"I dunno, those kids were out there choochin' it up, and I told them to knock it off."
"Yeah, that's a pretty choochy haircut."
"OK, chooch, if you say so."
by Bradleychochmaster September 21, 2004
slow-witted, cabbage-smelling grease-ball
Pablo's a chooch for pimpin' on my ho.
by Jana Fierst February 05, 2004
To vomit after seeing or hearing something disgusting or drinking way too much
"Oh my god that tequila shot is going to make me chooch!"
by Jamie Metz October 05, 2006

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