Used to express subsequent agreement from a secondry party after the word "Chuch" is said at the end of a statement in a conversation.
Person 1: Fuck Showgirl 3, lets go to Hip huggers and GRAB some tits and ass.Chuch!

Person2: Chooch..I'm out here all day!

Person 3: Chooch
#chuch #agree #support #concure #accept
by T.M.D.N.I.F.W. May 01, 2009
In sales, a prospective client that has no value. Chooches rarely have money, but will have an inordinate amount of questions no respect for your time. They are predominant in the brokerage industry, and are known for having low account balances, but think watching CNBC makes them the next Warren Buffet.
You are a real chooch-fondler, did you spend 2 hours with that chooch?

Chooches arent people, they do not have thoughts and feelings like you or I.

Wow, the guy walking around the branch in the Elmer Fudd hat, talking about the stock market bouncing is a real chooch.
#spare #piker #idiot #loser #moron
by Scott Christensen January 25, 2008
A moron that repeats a story or subject that has already been discussed in a gathering of people.
"We already talked about that ya chooch"!
#moron #dickhead #douchebag #idiot #estimator
by J. Beauvais October 04, 2007
Moronic immature pain in the ass can also mean: ass hole, cock sucker, jack off, sob, etc...
that chooch threw a grape at my orange juice
#dumb bot #ass hole #sob #ass wipe #choach
by yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee June 22, 2006
One of the minor characters of the popular 1960's cartoon "Top Cat". aka Choo Choo. Other characters include Top Cat (main character, aka TC), Benny, Brain, Fancy Fancy, Officer Dibble, and Spook.
The voice of Chooch in the cartoon "Top Cat" was provided by Marvin Kaplan.
#top cat #benny #brain #fancy fancy #officer dibble
A person who buys a crapy car and modifies it with bodykit or wing/a person who then goes to a dealership to trade it in and thinks its worth more than he paid for it do to modification
18 year old kids in the "tuner scene" is a chooch
#cars #sales #chooch #modifications #tuner
by chugs February 21, 2006
A mean and unreasonably stupid person who behaves rudely.

This application of the word Chooch originates from the trenches of wireless consulting, and is used in reference to someone who would rather pay more than get help... but is overly rude about it. Used rather often in wireless sales.
That guy told me to piss off when I offered my help! What a chooch!
by The Burnman April 11, 2005
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