Could also Be Someone who is oafish, sort of Hunch Back of Notre Damish, or someone is really overdue for a haircut
Thatd guy over there is a real chooch
by DrewBone March 06, 2005
A womans vagina, slang from word chocha. A less vulgar way of saying.
She took a nice shot in the chooch last night.
by gAZI March 23, 2003
A star shaped testical, found mainly in males that reside in whyoming.
"I wish I may, I wish I might, first chooch I see tonight."
by Deutsch January 06, 2003
A star shaped testical found primarily in prehistoric times.
I wish I may, I wish I might, first chooch I see tonight.
by Deutsch January 06, 2003
bad spelling of the word "cuccia" which in italian means "suck"


"cuccio" in Italian is a baby's pacifier, so depending on the recipient it can also be used to call someone a crybaby
don't be such a f-ing chooch.
by cgeo5150 May 04, 2005
originally used by Italians to mean someone cheep, this word became mainstream and now is used mock somebody you don't like

it has no real meaning
Hey, ya chooch give me my shit back

That teacher is such a chooch

Do you see that chooch across the street, I don't know him but I hate him
by rano July 13, 2004
kind of like cunt as it can be desribed also as pussy but more or less to describe guys that are really fuckin stupid, and even brag about doing dumb shit. Not to be confused with "chuch"
from ghetto slang, chooch has a long u sound, try it, it will become part of your normal vocabulary as thier are many occasions for the word.
that guys such a "chooch" look at his pink shirt and faggy pants, all those hot chicks are making fun of him.
by zach marshall July 20, 2005

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