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A beautiful, hott, sexy girl. One who thinks she is not pretty but is the most gorgeous person ive ever seen. she will one day end up with all she ever dreamed of, because she didnt take advantage of what she had when she was younger.
damn i want an Alison!!
by The (1) April 17, 2006
The hottest girl you will ever see. She is smart funny and great to be with. She makes the perfect girlfriend. The most popular girl ever. Also, is strong and great at sports.
Alison is hot!

Doesnt Alison look beautiful?
by bret2154 December 14, 2007
The word Alison is another word for i love you, Alison is the hottest girl you will ever know and that is the truth
If you break up with an Alison then you are pretty much gay because there is no other girl out there like her. So if you know an Alison im here to tell you ask her out Because no other girl is worth it
Alison is the one for me, i better call her and ask her out.
by astuart2013 February 21, 2009
Alison's are gods who don't realize how precious they are, and always underestimate themselves. They hide they're true beauty and talents for the one that they fall in love with, although shes always beautiful she tries to keep it to herself and reserve herself for the one. Shes had her trust broken before and won't bring her wonders out until she has full trust within you. Can be a real goddess in bed, (only to the people she feels that deserves to feel her magic). If you mess with her heart you will regret it forever. She has high standards and doesn't put up with fakes or lies, Alison sees right through them. She loves to have a good time. She treats everyones problems as if they were her own, if you come to her for advice shes tries everything she can to solve them. She loves to help everyone and cares for people even more than she cares for herself. She's a sweatheart who can be sensitive at times where she feels helpless. When Alison's at her best she is so incredibly fun and fearless. They're mysterious and have alot more on their minds than you think they do. She's the best friend you will ever have she puts everyone before herself and always understands everyones problems no matter how strange they can be. Take care of your Alison's because she a delicate flower full of undeniable beauty, love, care, passion and sympathy. Shes got your back even if it means making herself look like a fool she'll always be there for you.
"Shes got the light of love and far from the average girl, who is she and where did she come from?"

"Thats Alison and you'll have to get to know her & the answer will come to you."
by Let the light in. September 04, 2011
The most beautiful girl ever seen by anyone ever. From the moment she is seen you will love her. She is funny, smart, fun. If you dont love her, you are gay (even if your a girl). When ever she smiles or laughs your heart melts a little. When you make her happy, you feel as if your goal in life has been fulfilled. She. Is. Perfect.
Gay guy: Did you see that girl? She makes me want to be straight. Definately an Alison.

Straight guy: (incoherant babbling)
by incoheran babbler April 05, 2009
The hottest, caring, cool, and funny woman you will ever meet... She loves the people who look up to her, and converts boys into men.
Alison Haislip
by liesforliars November 04, 2008
The most beautiful name known to man kind. She has deep eyes, thoughtful eyes. She looks like no one on the planet, no one can even be compared to her beauty. Nothing. No one. She is an angel sent from earth, for one person. Intelligent, Caring, Cold, Evil, Crazy, Slow, Deep are just some of her personality traits. Her skin is as soft as a rose (not that anyone deserves to touch her skin) and she is a rose herself. You will love her.
Alison Weaver.
by jacktheripperloveshannibal April 28, 2009
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