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A choad is a literary device used to describe a penis that is very short and thicker than it's length, that is not to say that a choad is a long penis that just happens to be wider than it is long, a choad is a stub of a penis.
A choady choad choader is a choader that choads choads... haha i had to put that in

It must be embarassing to be that guy with his pint size choad, I actually feel bad for him.
by Deibiddo May 18, 2006
9 16
A large, well defined turd with intestine lines and pieces of undigested peanuts.
Tyrone and Takeshia got out of the swimming pool fast when a large choad floated by.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
6 13
A medium sized boy, ofcourse with a dick that is wider than it is long and a rhyming sirname. However this word is used in replacement.
Characteristics include:-
Deep Arrogance
and a wide awful taste in music
"No Choads" just no
Choads that sounds awful
I've told you many times, you can't play bass.
by Mixemotosis August 10, 2003
57 64
a penis thicker that it is long, sometimes resembling a small pepperoni pizza
my choad is thicker than a pie, but thinner than a penny
by dafadfasdf May 22, 2003
15 22
A person for whom no visual confimration is necessary to prove that their penis is, in fact, wider than it is long.
Colin and Sandy 'the pear shaped man'
by Kenyon February 08, 2003
9 16
In fact when your rod is wider than its length.
Nerd: Wow that was really sour!!!!
You: It looks like you've been sucking choads all day!
by cyrusam November 02, 2006
3 11
1. Abnormally small and limp male genetelia.

2. Person who is small and insignificant and generally annoying.
1. "Rich get off me with that choad," shreaked Yolanda.

2. Rich, stop being such a choad.
by seedyburner July 05, 2005
7 15