The area between the poohole and the peehole on a chick or the poohole and the wordsatchel on a dude. See wordzoot, wordtaint, wordgooch

Dude it was awesome, she licked my choad all night!
by zooter June 29, 2003
A word used to describe a short fat penis. The penis in question is wider than it is long.
Ian struggled to suck Keiran's choad.
by Ewany May 23, 2008
A penis that is wider than it is longer. So short and fat in other words.
"Phillip Gaideski you have a choad"

"Yeah i know i cant help that my penis is fat and short"
by Ravioli April 21, 2008
A short fat person often from canada. Choads can be annoyingly small and they often tell lies.
"Man that canadian fucker is such a choad"
by Joe Starakovsky January 14, 2008
A penis that is more fat that long. Damn, I had a fucking choad after swimming.
Damn, I had a fucking choad after swimming.
by Mr. Boyd October 15, 2006
A hot sticky load of ball sauce blasted on to some chick's forehead.
Damn woman, wipe that choad off your freakin' face!
by MGK September 24, 2006
A dick that is wider than it is long, which looks something like this:
By the way, Turner has a choad.
At a locker:
guy 1= Omfg!!! You have a f*ckin choad!!
guy 2= Sob*
by Al the ass kicka May 24, 2006

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