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a very porerful god in morrowind who has the power to summon an amber rose and molest her twice at once
derekderek derekderdkderel derek
by halo2 April 05, 2005
a chik with enourmas boobs who lets everyone skweeze them dont know details on nipple size
sera cody and meagan mcfearson
by halo2 April 05, 2005
some one who drinks 2 liter mountin dew
every day and loves beef jerky
an example of a roger ranney is above
by halo2 March 24, 2005
the best comeback in the world no word known to man can beat it, it is a combination of nimble dwarf nick jones zeke schmitter spangtard pulsinator choad derek cummings and amber rose's kid dale renshaw amber rose boofer washington academy val and joe storey horse whisper squared
pig fucking gay jesus
derek amber dale hitchings
by halo2 April 01, 2005
pepole people the word choad has buy one definition only one!
when a penis is wider than it is long
thats the only true definiton
derek cummings sfdahk
by halo2 May 10, 2005
some one wjho drinks mountin dew
rogerranney derik harriy dale
by halo2 March 24, 2005
a person who can fit 300 dildos in one ear and 1264 up there ass
derik cummings is an horse wisper squared
by halo2 March 24, 2005

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