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Pronouced boom-bee, from the danish" bee"- or maker of and "boom"= thunder Definition is "the maker of thunder", refers to Thors Hammer- the maker of thunder"
Do not iupset God or The Bumby will get you!
by JimtheB January 01, 2012
pronounced: bum - bee
otherwise known as that bubonic chronic. Can also be referred to as "Bumby Quat".

etymology: beleived to have originated in the chi-town. It is also beleived to have been coined by a man known as A-Jilla the Real Killa. The full terminology, "Bumby Quat" is believed to be derived from the phrase, "Bum, be quiet." However, the reason for this is not yet known.
"smokin some of that fire bumby."
by March 29, 2004
A grassy type of foliage with prickles.......smells good
ah man i fell in the bumby!! 3========O
by harrison March 16, 2005
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