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a very outgoing person capable of about everything
dude that sexy guy must be a robin!
by ERICHO March 27, 2007
a shy person when you first meet them but then opens up to be a real character. they are usually fun to talk to.
wow, steve is such a robin.
by orangerocket July 05, 2007

Robin is the coolest guy to ever exist on this planet. He is mad chill to hang out with. He will open a can of whoop ass on neone for you. He is loyal and loves his friends. He can make a tree smile. He is goodlooking but never brags and is so humble. Robin is the most awesomest guy ever. If u don't know him than thats very sad for you. He has a heart the size of a narwhal. He loves scrubs. He can make you smile despite crappy circumstances. He's crazy with the rhymes. He's the world's greatest. And i'm so lucky to have ever met him.
Girl 1: wow..did i tell you abt how i met the most awesomest guy ever yesturday?
Girl 2: GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL, u know that had to be robin.
by mizzanonyomous April 01, 2009
Perfect, amazing, gorgeous, role model type female. She could simply kill you with a certain look. She's very queen-like and especially awesome. She literally has powers, I believe. Maybe God Himself created her just to look fantastic and be awesome. I have no idea, but she's definitely doing it anyway. Robins can be mistaken for being inappropriate-in a sense. But really they're just outgoing and very independent, and not to forget, beautiful. Robins have a way of just making you do things, and making you believe whatever she wants you to! It's really cool, you should meet one.
"Wow, that speech totally had me convinced. I bet she's a Robin."
by RobinLuver January 15, 2012
good looking guy, likes long walks on the beach, tends to say jeaa, watches a billion movies, and lure women to his bed,
Robin is perfect for me
by dora dora August 14, 2006
Robin's are amazing. They're the type of girl you can talk to about anything and trust. They may leave you confused a a lot but in the end they mean no harm. Robin's are extremely funny, and very outgoing. Meeting one is one of the best things that will happen to you in your life.
Friend 1: "hey i'm hanging out with Robin today!"
Friend 2:"lucky! i want a cool cat like that to chill with"
by DaWeight! June 27, 2011
Batman's young ward and trusty sidekick. The first one, Dick Grayson, grew up and took on the mantle of Nightwing. The second, Jason Todd, was murdered by The Joker. The third, Tim Drake, is the current one and is more solo than a sidekick to Batman. Robin also lead the original Teen Titans, which were made up of other superhero sidekicks which include Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl; and The New Teen Titans which include new heroes which are not necessarily sidekicks, these include Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and others. He is known for delivering one-liners starting with "Holy" and ending with "Batman" in the '60s series starring Adam West and Burt Ward.
Robin: Holy haberdasheries Batman! It's the Mad Hatter!
by joey1214 January 25, 2009
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