(chip-al-tol) or (Chip-olt-lay)
A very popular restaurant around a lot of North America that serves Mexican burritos and tacos and food like that.
Are you going out to eat tonight? Yeah I'm going to chipotle!
by TheKrSc! October 15, 2011
v.verb: the act of exploding fiery blackbeans, meat, rice, and appropriate mexican toppings out of your asshole as a result of eating chipotle burritos. Commonly referred to as diarrea.
After going to Chipotle n. with her friend Michele, Nicole chipotle'd both her pants and her parents bathroom for 2 days straight.
by blackbeans :) November 21, 2010
wonderful food.
chipotle is my life.
A freaking amazing food restaurant chain of fast-food style Mexican food. Almost like a Subway but with tacos! Far better than Taco Bell. They also carry Gluten Free corn tortillas, at least the one I go too. Eating Chipotle is like getting an orgasm in your mouth.
Joe: Damn that was good.
Ben: What?
Joe: My Chipotle taco of course
Ben: Daaaaaamn Chipotle is like getting an orgasm in your mouth!
Joe: Dude I know
Ben: Bye I'm going to Potle now.
by ~PVPSAAAN~ April 06, 2013
a heavenly eating experience
Man, Chipotle is soo good and so much food, I have a burrito baby now!
by davisd May 26, 2011
The best god damn motherfucking shit you can put in your mouth, but the line is so fucking long and the food is expensive... which is totally worth it if you want an orgasm in your mouth.
Human: God, give me the best food you can bestow
God: Okay *hands over Chipotle*
Human: Holy shit this is fucking amazing! *has mouth orgasm*
by AreialInferno March 02, 2015
A way of ejaculating down a womans throat in a manner as to choke her with both the cock and semen. Can also be used in combination with throatle, pronounced (throat-lay).
"Jenny gave me the best blow job, in return she received Chipotle in the throatle!"
by TheMan73 October 05, 2011

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