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(n) A person's lap is defined as the tops of their thighs.

When a person is sitting down, their lap is in a form such that another person can sit on it.

When a person stands up, their lap still exists but is not in a usable form.
"Come sit on my lap!"
"I can't until you get the hamper off of your lap."
by the letter d November 20, 2007
1. Once around a race track
2. to be an entire lap ahead of somebody in a race
I'm on lap 72. I just lapped you!
by 5'1"Racer January 17, 2004
Live Audio Porn.

One is treated to L.A.P. when a neighbor/roommate with whom you share a thin wall, or live close enough to, has loud sex. Generally characterized as a truly terrifying experience in which the recipient of the L.A.P. is subjected to aural terrorism in the form of moans, groans, yelps, heavy breathing, bed/furniture crashing, and various other unsettling noises.
Last night, while I was trying to study for my final, my disgusting roommate and his girlfriend treated me to a L.A.P.

The L.A.P. I caught the other night was so bad, I could tell she didn't cum.
by Disgruntled Roommate May 05, 2007
the main circut for kids in there done up cars to cruise and show off their rides.
Hey dude, should we hope in our honda and do some "laps" tonight?
by physiKARL August 09, 2005
To run around in a full circle around a large object such as a soccer field; to go away, get lost.
"Hey a buddy, why you do us all a favor and take a lap?" LIKE NOW!"
by TakeALap February 10, 2010
leggings as pants

where a girl wears leggings as pants.

a divisive fashion trend. some think its attractive, others skanky.
girl: did you see that girl LAPing it with her sorority shirt?

boy: yeah, she looks fiiiine.

girl: she looks like a skank.
by asdfghijkl April 23, 2010
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