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term popularized by Sir Mix Alot to describe a large, unattractive woman who resides in or frequents the city of Bremerton, WA to establish "relations" with Navy personnel.
shes a bremelo
by sick December 15, 2003
a very saggy, flat looking breast.
she must in her 40's, look at the flapjacks on her.
by sick December 14, 2003
a style of a person who don't give a fuck about what everyone else thinks
that's some freak style type shit
by Sick June 14, 2003
large breasts on a hot woman
"look at the size of those dairy pillows dog!!"
by sick December 14, 2003
any slutty girl or woman, usually a professional.
I just got head from this 4th street missle twister and it only cost 5 dollaz.
by sick December 15, 2003
a slutty broad used as a recepticle by more than one guy at the same time.
do i really need an exaple?
by sick December 15, 2003
the type of person who would would lend you money then fuck your girlfriend for payment.
that dude's a REAL shitneck
by sick December 15, 2003

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