A way of ejaculating down a womans throat in a manner as to choke her with both the cock and semen. Can also be used in combination with throatle, pronounced (throat-lay).
"Jenny gave me the best blow job, in return she received Chipotle in the throatle!"
by TheMan73 October 05, 2011
Besides the Mexican food chain, Chipotle is also a word for a very small man's penis. So small, it could be non-existent
He had a Chipotle? Wow, how small was it?
by Chipotle lover25 February 24, 2011
A three-way sexual intercourse; A female on the first male's lap, then she bends backwards to give the second male a blow job.
Jessica's fantasy is to chipotle one Saturday night with her husband.
by Elizabeth33 January 15, 2010
Most people believe it's the best food ever, as seen by most definitions. Yet ask any Mexican and they know it's the most fake food since Taco Bell.

It's really nasty, and if you want real Mexican food go to a Mexican 'hood or something.
"Hey Juan I just had awesome Mexican food!"

"Really Matt? Where'd you get it from?"

"Chipotle! Totally the best burritos ever!"

"Gtfo. My abuela can make better food."
by candydrops707 November 23, 2009
Used as a heads up to your friends when a hot guy is spotted. Usually an exclaimation for girls between the ages of 14-18.
by coxshorthbic August 03, 2010
1. A dried chili used in mexican and southwestern dishes.
2. A fast food resturante that hails from Colorado. The resturantes all have this fake art deco look to them. They teamed up with McDonald's in an effort to mass market their product across the country. Their goal is to further fatten the American consumer with over stuffed burritos that contain unkown amounts of calories. The food is good, but should be eaten responsibly.
Chipotle Chicken burrito= 1000 calories.
3 burritos a week= 1 pound of fat
please eat responsibly
by bloke4987649897 April 20, 2008
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