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1) One of the states of the United States of America.
Home to a bunch of formerly bad but now improving pro sports teams, a ton of colleges, the OSU Buckeyes, actual buckeyes, part of the Rust Belt, Cedar Point and a lot of soybeans, cows, and corn.
Ohio contains a little bit of all the typical Midwestern environments- college towns, suburbs, cities, urban areas trying to reinvent themseles, farmlands, etc. It also contains part of Appalachia, and a large number of "swing voters". It has quite a few ardent liberals and conservatives, and has been the home and/or birthplace of eight presidents. The weather, it being part of the Midwest region, is often "crazy" and swings between hot, mild, cold, and freezing. The four seasons are widely known to be "winter, still winter, almost winter, and construction" or something to that effect (believed to be taken from a Jeff Foxworthy chain email).
There's definitely a lot more there than bad drivers, "hicks", and cows, and just driving through the state does not really do it justice. You've got to experience it to really understand it, and then you can pass judgement.
2) A song written by Neil Young (while he was working with Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) in response to the Kent State Massacre, which occured at Kent State University in Ohio on May 4, 1970 when National Guardsmen opened fire on student protesters on the KSU campus.
1) "Ohio... the heart of it all"
2) "This summer I hear the drumming,/ Four dead in Ohio."- Neil Young, (Crosby,Stills, Nash, and Young), "Ohio"
by killerfiller March 20, 2006
1) An expanding chain of fast-food Mexican-style restaurants that serve overstuffed burritos, tacos, burrito bols (burritos in a bowl and not a tortilla), and other such types of food. They are sort of the higher-end answer to Taco Bell, but still fairly reasonable in price. And a lot less gross, by most accounts.
The somewhat novel (but not really, because some other chains do it as well) approach to ordering food there is that they basically fill your burrito as you go along, so you can see for yourself exactly what's going into it. Also, you can customize it in this way to meet your likes and dislikes.
The burritos are so stuffed full of beans, rice, meat/guacamole, and other fillings that they are more than enough food for most people.
Has been known to cause indigestion in some people, but still pretty darn good.
(Pronounced in several different ways, including Chi-pote-lay, Chi-po-tul, and Chip-o-tlee)
2) A type of pepper.
1)-"We're going to Chipotle. You guys wanna come?"
2)The lady was selling chipotle peppers.
by killerfiller January 24, 2006
1) A song by Black Sabbath that has inspired thousands of youth across America and the world to pick up a guitar and start slamming away to the rhythm of it's chords. Probably second only to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple in it's prevalance as one of the first songs aspiring rock guitarists learn how to play.

2) A Marvel Comics superhero, AKA Tony Stark. Fights evil from inside a high-tech red and gold suit. Owner of Stark Industries... see other definitions for more in-depth coverage of this topic.

3) A race, similar to a triathalon. Involves swimming, running, and biking.

1) Rock loving teen: "I am Iron Man..." dananananana Iron Man! *strums away violently at his guitar which he got a few days ago, and on which he only knows how to play one chord.

2) Tony Stark... AKA Iron Man!

3) That dude ran the Iron Man last weekend... wow.
by killerfiller March 07, 2006
1) In the book Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, a "squip" is a tiny microcomputer that is ingested in pill form and travels to your brain, where it gives you instructions on how to be cool and/or popular. No such techonology yet exists (stuff somewhat similar in concept to this is being developed, though).
The squip is deactivated/destroyed by drinking Mountain Dew Code Red, the short-lived, highly caffenated Mountain Dew spinoff.

2)Originally, this idea was part of Ned Vizzini's largely sucessful (in some places, anyway), campaign to draw attention to his book, Be More Chill.
The campaign was based around the use of stickers that said "SQUIP? Google it.", which fans were encouraged to get for free off of his website and stick wherever they could.
As a result, many people did Google squip, and in the process stumble upon the book.
1) Some people really do wish they could have a squip.
2) "SQUIP? Google it."
by killerfiller February 23, 2006
A graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments. The TI-84 is capable of the same functions as the TI-83 Plus, but differs from the TI-83 Plus in several ways.

The 84 Plus has more ROM/Flash memory than the 83 Plus and a slightly better display. This is useful for storing flash applications. The 84 Plus also has a face-lifted appearance, and is slightly bulkier in design. It also costs more than the 83 Plus.

Both calculators are capable of graphing functions and equations, solving matrices, and other mathematical functions, making them useful for Algebra, particularly higher level Algebra. Both are also capable of being programmed to do various tasks, and, most importantly to high school students, they can be used to play BASIC and Flash games (ie Space Invaders, Falldown, Uncle Worm, etc.)
Person 1: Hey man, I've got math class next period... do you have a graphing calculator I could use?

Person 2: Yeah, but you better give it back. <hands calc to friend>

Person 1: You've got an 84 a TI-84 Plus? Sweet. Lemme see what games you have.

Person 2: Hey, I thought you needed it for math class...

Person 1: Well, duh. What do you think I do in math all period?
by killerfiller November 16, 2006
In history, "Marx" is usually synonymous with Karl Marx, the man who along with Fredrich Engels is considered the father of communism. These two men wrote the Communist Manifesto, which laid out the idea of communism, which can really be considered a form of extreme socialism.
Other men, such as Vladimir Lenin, would read the works of Marx and be led to start revolutions and spread communism throughout the world.
In theory, communism could work. However, applied in real life, the dreams of Karl Marx would never fully materialize.
"And while Lenin read a book on Marx, a quartet practiced in the park/ and we sang dirges in the dark, the day the music died."- Don McLean, "American Pie" (the song, not the movie)
by killerfiller December 02, 2005
1)A group of people who sing together. They are often divided into several main voice parts including: sophranos, altos, tenors, and basses. In addition, these may vary according to the nature of the choir. A men's choir might have a full range of parts including tenor, baritone, and bass, while a woman's choir might have 1st and 2nd sophranos, contraltos, and/or altos. A mixed choir usually has some combination of both. There are also show choirs, who usually do choreographed dance moves to add flair to their singing. Gospel choirs are usually found in churches, as are regular church choirs.
2) In a high school setting, choir is a sometimes overlooked class or activity. True choir lovers can usually be identified by the way they randomly break out singing anywhere, anytime. There are sometimes even section stereotypes, just as in band: sophranos are ditzy, altos are just jealous of the sophranos, etc. Choirs can often be spotted wearing rather dorky but cool choir robes.
1) A choir sang at the church ceremony.
2) I went to choir class and sang my heart out.
by killerfiller December 04, 2005

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