A chief is a wanker simple!
dont be a chief all ya life!

Billy obviously enjoys group masterbation after school!
by Jonesinio March 31, 2004
a male between the ages of 16-25 who claims not to be a "bro" but secretly preys on unsuspecting male heterosexual individuals. a chief is commonly seen wearing scarves with collared shirts and may or may not approach with the phrase "sup chief"
"what's good chief???" said andrew.
"nothing much, you looking chief city there kid..." responded jesse.

"you got any more beer in the party for me?"
"sorry bro, party's full"
"yo, quit chief-ing me like that"
by chief like no other November 09, 2008
(pronounced cheefs)

<note that the use of this word is never without the 's' hence the original "chiefs" philosophy that there is not ever one chief, but a village of "chiefs">

1. Long standing friends or associates ("Peter you don't know John? oh John is chiefs!")

2. Used to rate marijuana (ie: "that dirt-weed is not so chiefs, but that other stuff is chiefs!"

2. Good things, thoughts or ideas that please you (i.e.: "that new song is chiefs") also can be used as an exclamation (i.e.: "Chiefs! That's a great idea!")

3. as a greeting or goodbye ("okay, see you later, chiefs!" or "Chiefs! nice to see you!")

4. Origin of the slang-usage of the word "chiefs" began in Amsterdam and then spread to Ibiza among American, English & other European expatriates, defining a person who's been living in town for longer than 4 years. Since the original conception of the slang-term, new derivative meanings have been created and used to the point where one could use the word just like "The Smurfs" did. (i.e.: 'Smurf-tacular' could be 'super-chiefs')

use 'chiefs' in any situation you would use: good, tastey, hot, cool, great, ect...

"Oh man, that taste chiefs!" "Did you go to that party last night? I heard it was chiefs"

use 'de-chiefed' in any opposites of the above mentioned meanings.

If your friend makes a nice gesture or a 'cool move' you can simply reply "Chiefs(!)"


Dechiefed - When a person or situation has become demoted. Can also be used as an exclamatory (Our plane has been delayed by 12 hours. Dechiefed!)
by The Moose020 January 18, 2007
(verb) to chief: to smoke marijuana, pot, refer, or bud. This is called "chief" because the indians smoked lots of tobacco and various marijuana plants and the Chief always got the first drag. This word was revibed and defined by Bobbles of NYC.
"Yo, lets 'chief' after school, i got some craving for some bud, we can rip my new bong."
by Claybo C October 11, 2005
Word commonly to address a male stranger. Also can refer to 'townies' driving round in their souped-up Saxos, etc with added cunt kit, as the noise of the bass of their music through their super-woofers sounds much like a repetition of 'chief'.

See also mush.
"Busy tonight chief?" (to taxi driver).

"chief chief chief chief chief" repetitive bass sound from passing cunt-kitted car.
by SPF December 12, 2003
how to get someones attention "hey chiefy"
how to describe someone "that chief last night threw up everywhere"
a name you call someone if you forget their real name "chief.."
yo chief, chiefity chief, chiefy nuts, chiefinator
by kwarl August 08, 2003
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