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An underrated and often overlooked movie about a Blaxploitation type character who fights crime with a belt and speaks in nonsense words that everyone understands. Pootie always respects the ladies. He is like a surreal Undercover Brother. Sa-da-tay, my damies! Pootie says "Don't baaaang tha dillies!"
It's a movie title and the name of that movies main character. Do you really need an example?
by FreeNachos November 08, 2004
One louder. It's where you go when you're already at 10 and you need that extra push over the cliff.
It's one louder, isn't it?
by FreeNachos October 27, 2004
Harmless untruths, intended to comfort simple souls.

They make you feel good and are the basis for Kurt Vonnegut's fictional religion "Bokononism".
1) Prosperity is just around the corner. 2) Don't worry, you'll get back together.
by FreeNachos April 21, 2005
The reddest NFL team with the loudest fans. Known for being very competitive but rarely winning the championship or showing up for the playoffs. They live in Kansas City, MO. Arch-rival to the Raiders.
The Chiefs scored like a million points this year but still didn't make the playoffs.
by FreeNachos April 23, 2005
When you take a dump in the shower and then have to squish it down the drain with your foot.

The term stems from a rumor - most likely false - about a deleted scene from the John Candy movie.
Man, I couldn't wait to get out of the shower and dry off, so I just Uncle Bucked it.
#uncle #buck #poop #shower #shit #john candy
by FreeNachos June 01, 2011
n: Something that has a mysterious, excessive, awesome quality. Like a combination of explosions, monster trucks, rock bands and free pie. Not an adjective, but a noun which is used more like a metaphor than a description. It is too important not to capitalize.
That ninja riding a bicycle while juggling knives that are on fire is total Thunder Pie.
by FreeNachos October 27, 2004
Kansas City, Kansas. The less attractive, industrial brother of Kansas City, Missouri. Often mistaken for the larger city across the river where the Chiefs and Royals play. Also, home of World's Fastest Man, Maurice Green.
Kansas City is in Missouri; KCK is a suburb.
by FreeNachos October 27, 2004
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