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Canadian slang for Marijuana and especially Marijuana joints/cigarettes. Specifically referenced from a "Peace Pipe", used by the "Chiefs" of a Native Canadian people, tribe or culture.
Ya, but how are we gonna survive Liz Phair without any Chiefs?

Can you roll us a Big Chief - or are you all Chiefed out?
by Devin1 September 04, 2005
8 19
"Greeting used by
the Thrice Illustrious while passing amidst mortals."
by Mdbbl February 10, 2005
21 32
The act of smoking marijuana. Used mainly by highschool and college smokers.
"Hey, John. Wanna chief?"

"What'd you do last night?" "Oh me and my boy just chiefed and passed out"
by TreWhore February 08, 2005
21 32
A vacuuous expression afforded by someone in a position of leadership in order to feign interest in the response to questions. Often used in conjunction with an unsynchronised nod and "hmmm".
Daryl was met with a "Chief" after being questioned by his supervisor about the recent tragedy in which his entire family was killed in a freakish accident.
by Mr. C. December 01, 2004
4 15
a male between the ages of 16-25 who claims not to be a "bro" but secretly preys on unsuspecting male heterosexual individuals. a chief is commonly seen wearing scarves with collared shirts and may or may not approach with the phrase "sup chief"
"what's good chief???" said andrew.
"nothing much, you looking chief city there kid..." responded jesse.

"you got any more beer in the party for me?"
"sorry bro, party's full"
"yo, quit chief-ing me like that"
by chief like no other November 09, 2008
5 17
To smoke weed, derived from passing the peace pipe around, native american style.
Chief dude? Chief? Chief?
by Gary The Retard June 22, 2004
118 130
how to get someones attention "hey chiefy"
how to describe someone "that chief last night threw up everywhere"
a name you call someone if you forget their real name "chief.."
yo chief, chiefity chief, chiefy nuts, chiefinator
by kwarl August 08, 2003
2 14