A complete and utter backstabber or generally bad person in all things social. Can also be used as a verb.
Your such a chief!
You chiefed it!
by Cyntac March 24, 2003
a word used by burnt, cock blocking stoners who smoked up all their braincells would say when they want to go smoke.
beta: hey brah, you want to go chief?

alpha: you can chief on deez nuts mutter fugger.
by selfeducatedguest December 09, 2009
A chief is an uncool person. A person who might shame you up if you went out to a party with. A chief is someone who might wear distressing attire or carry on in a nerdy or geeky manner. The chief is more than this though, sometimes related to a fool a chief can always be relied on to 'chief' it up.

Chief is often accompanied with a modifyer:

Bare chief
The living chief
Chiefton Ras
Chefferton McStanley

I've even heard it said with an affected air:

You absolute chaif!
Oi Tom you chief! Stop chiefing it up yeah?

A: "I am goblinbasher in world of wizards at gamesworkshop"
B: "You are nuff bare chief!"
by Tom McKay March 06, 2008
One who exudes hardcoreness from their very pores; among the coolest people in the world
Ludacris, Darth Vader, Tom Brady, and Chuck Norris are all chiefs
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
Another name for your homeboys
Just chillin wit yo homies and u forget your friends name, just call the dude chief
by Slangbanga March 17, 2006
Canadian slang for Marijuana and especially Marijuana joints/cigarettes. Specifically referenced from a "Peace Pipe", used by the "Chiefs" of a Native Canadian people, tribe or culture.
Ya, but how are we gonna survive Liz Phair without any Chiefs?

Can you roll us a Big Chief - or are you all Chiefed out?
by Devin1 September 04, 2005
To smoke weed, derived from passing the peace pipe around, native american style.
Chief dude? Chief? Chief?
by Gary The Retard June 22, 2004
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