To play some halo, or anything else that involves Masterchief.
Comes from the word "Masterchief" which is the name of the main character in the halo series.

"Me and some friends are gonna go and chief for a while."

"I'll send you a game invite later and we'll chief for a while."

"My game is starting to suffer, due to lack of chiefage."

"Not now mom, I'm Chiefing!"

"My xbox is now Chiefable because I just got Halo 3!"
by Dookietwinkle May 18, 2008
The word chief can be used as a substitute for the derogatory word used to describe the female genitalia or front bottom (cunt), which is sometimes forbidden in front of female or elderly people.
Paul you fucking chief.
You're such a chief.
Nice one chief.
Get your smelly chief away from my face.
by Edward January 07, 2004
A chief is a straight up stooge or snide who's on the blag for cigs or spare change.
you fucking chief
by food gwan off June 09, 2003

1) He likes to change his outfit on seasons/holidays!

2) His partnership with John Cena creates Chiefanomics!

3) He's like, all, "AAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!"

4) Chief Life! This is basic Chiefanomics!

5) He likes squirrel intestines!

6) And he does the Chief Dance!
Chief! You so sexyyyy!
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr June 10, 2004
a common nickname given to bagboys at the grocery store who have mental disabilities. can be used to refer to any person with a mental disability, or to a person of normal-range intelligence who is experiencing difficulty doing simple tasks for whatever reason.
'after getting 3 hours of sleep, i am in total chief mode. i pulled into an intersection when the light was red because the left turn lane was turning! then in a parking lot, i drove over a curb because i didn't see it there!'
by Irene N. May 16, 2006
the most boss, sweetastic, non checkerbowling girl that ever lived...basically, the girl that gives me fuzzies...the girl that takes my breath away...the girl that makes my head spin if i see her, but steadies it back if she holds my hand
So, you think nikkis your chief?
by Professor J. October 27, 2006
a top boy in the endz
dat boy is a chief in our hood
by miss klashnekoff March 22, 2005

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