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A person in charge of some group or of some function, usually a male person. A Japanese word, often mistakenly thought to be of Spanish origin. In Japanese it's a term for a small-time yakuza gangster in charge of just a few underlings, but the underworld flavor has mostly been lost as the word has been adopted into English.
He quickly got promoted to be the head marketing honcho in that startup.
by Chuck Hastings June 29, 2003
To achieve something in a quick-and-dirty manner, or with brute force, when an elegant solution was impossible.
Man, it wasn't pretty laying out the bunting for the Holi-dazzle parade, but with that deadline I just had to honcho the sucker and get 'er done.
by captn dave July 26, 2012
Very good oral sex to a male.
"Dude, she gives excellent honcho!"
by klessig11 January 06, 2010
My most favorite magazine ever. ^_~
Mmm all those gay guys... so HOT! ^_~
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