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to be stoned and out of it
jon:dude u chiefed
tony:dude im chiefed ever day
by cody May 07, 2005
after a person passes out at a party, take a marker pen and write all over their face.
after drinking too much, jason passed out and his friends chiefed him.
by morgan October 08, 2003
To be thouroughly intoxicated (i.e. stoned) with marijuana or a related product.
"I took a full hit of the gravity bong and was totally chiefed after that."
by Kevin A. September 07, 2003
Getting "sniped" by a USAF E-7 through E-9 for minor, temporary, or transitionary uniform infractions. Often, you will be alone, and they will come out of a dark space to correct you, or they will crawl out of a man hole. Alternate definition: the end result of too much overhead at a deployed location.
While tucking in my PT shirt, a Chief materialized out of thin air and told me my shirt needed to be tucked in. Steve (shaking his head) says, "Dude, you just got Chiefed."
by herk1202 June 14, 2011
smoking marijuana / getting stoned by eating marijuana
yo, that weed got me fucking chiefed.

damn, i'm chiefed
by cheefydank March 23, 2010
After smoking weed you become Chiefed/Chopped/Stoned.
"Dude after those 3 hits I'm totally chiefed.
by StayStoned420 August 13, 2011
1. Chiefed - the result of chiefing, in reference to the constant annoyance of detainees to soldiers in iraq.
Detainee - "Chief, chief, chief CHIEF CHIEF CHIEF!"
Soldier - "WHAT!?"
Detainee - "F*^K you"
Soldier - "Thanks asshole"
Detainee - "Chief"
Other soldier - "Dude, you just got chiefed"
Soldier - "I know man....."
by Chikinneow June 19, 2010
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