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n.) A chief excuse-maker; an individual who consistently comes up with absolute fucking bullshit excuses not to do something. the most generic excuses are pulled muscles such as quads and labias, although many others have been used as well.
Person 1 - "why isn't Fitz at conditioning today?"

Person 2 - "He's being a chief because he pulled his god damn quad again, this is the 20th fucking time! Did you notice that mitch was chiefing as well for his torn labia?"

Person 1 - "No, but I do now... those fucking chiefs"
by jobiusroar19 December 02, 2010
a wild pokemon that can not be caught and knows only one attack: Roar. when jobius grows to level 36 Roar evolves into the more powerful attack Epic Roar
Game Narrator - "A wild Jobius appeared, it used ROAR!"

Game Narrator - "A wild Jobius appeared, it used EPIC ROAR!"

Ash - wow that's a very strong wild Jobius, it must be over level 36! With its Epic Roar attack i'm sure it could defeat all of my Pokemon with one move, especially that pussy bitch, pikachu!
by jobiusroar19 December 05, 2010

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