the first person to pass out at a party will be the victim of the chief. your so-called friends will find a sharpie and cover you with inane writing. eg. I love unicorns.
Erin: Why does your back say dirty trollop?
Beth: Awww, man! I got chiefed!
by dancinqueen July 23, 2006
An affectionate perjorative applied to an individual who is out of his or her element usually due to carelessness instead of contrivance.

Chiefs announce themselves through actions instead of words: by taking ownership of or authoriy over topics outside their bailiwick OR by dressing or decorating oneself or one's surroundings in a manner that is not suited to one's habits.

Contrast with poseur, who has dubious purposes. The Chief is characterized by haplessness and poses no threat to anyone except him or herself.
Carson Daily is an extraordinary chief.

I picked up a tourist from the bus station. The chief was there with his hip-pack on looking at a vending machine.
by pg April 18, 2005
"Greeting used by
the Thrice Illustrious while passing amidst mortals."
by Mdbbl February 10, 2005
The act of smoking marijuana. Used mainly by highschool and college smokers.
"Hey, John. Wanna chief?"

"What'd you do last night?" "Oh me and my boy just chiefed and passed out"
by TreWhore February 08, 2005
A vacuuous expression afforded by someone in a position of leadership in order to feign interest in the response to questions. Often used in conjunction with an unsynchronised nod and "hmmm".
Daryl was met with a "Chief" after being questioned by his supervisor about the recent tragedy in which his entire family was killed in a freakish accident.
by Mr. C. December 01, 2004
a Bostonism, used ironically in a freindly way to point to idiotic behavior
This is the source for the fictional "Charlestown Chiefs" hockey team in the movie SLAPSHOT
When your pal falls over drunk, face in a puddle:
"All right there, chief?"
by Chief Hanson September 24, 2004
The metamorphosis from a mild-mannered engineer to a raging-alcoholic degenerate.
John began to chief after his 5th shot of Beam.
by Jason December 24, 2003
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