a girl who only goes out with a guy to suck his penis
damn man that girl was a chicken head all she wanted was oral
by idk either May 20, 2009
1. Some piece of shit girl whose blatantly dumb and a whore to say the least.
2. Getting head from some girl you're all about while she eats a grip of chicken.
Free range chickenhead out on the farm tonight.
by jamie11 January 23, 2014
A Chicken Head is a girl who likes the dick, commonly associated with the bar fly. Chicken Heads love and can be found around multiple cocks(not the poultry.)

The reason behind the name is because this girl went around messig with multiple guys and known probably for her expert felattio skills

Once a woman has been deemed a Chicken Head, only the man who gave her that title can remove it.
"That girl was a trick man..."
"Nah dude she was a Chicken Head."

"Dude i met my girlfried over the summer."
"I met her last weekend dude, shes a Chicken Head."
by Lenny Cofax February 04, 2010
A woman whos hair doesnt go past her neck
Look at that chicken head over there she think she a bad bitch Lmfao

Shut yo chicken head'ed ass up yo ass need a weave girl!
by Cellystillgothisfame1 November 16, 2010
a philatious woman, gives "loosies"
a ho u just take home and wear out
by dizzle803 July 25, 2005
A group of gossiping women who all seem to be talking simultaniously. Some members of the discussion bearly stop to breathe between sentences.
Chattering like a group of chickens.
by shaggy August 01, 2003
A bird you take home and wear out.
Yo I took that chickenhead brittney home last not and plucked all her feathers.
by sexy and seductive January 18, 2007
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