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First done by the neighborhood HOOKER giving head to their tricks in a car, sometimes while the both of them are riding around the streets or hwy. Named after the resemblance of a chickens head BOBBING up and down while their EATING.
Honey did you see them in that car. No Babe there's only one person in that car. Honey! just watch. You'll see a head bobbin up and down in his lap. Ya! your right babe she's sure given that chicken head. Come on over here Babe.
by stillhunglo June 28, 2009
1. A disposable girl.
2. Girl for the night.
3. Ho
I see you went out with Kerri last night. How did things go?
Oh you know she is just a chickenhead.
by Neal #1 March 20, 2008
A woman whos hair doesnt go past her neck
Look at that chicken head over there she think she a bad bitch Lmfao

Shut yo chicken head'ed ass up yo ass need a weave girl!
by Cellystillgothisfame1 November 16, 2010
A Chicken Head is a girl who likes the dick, commonly associated with the bar fly. Chicken Heads love and can be found around multiple cocks(not the poultry.)

The reason behind the name is because this girl went around messig with multiple guys and known probably for her expert felattio skills

Once a woman has been deemed a Chicken Head, only the man who gave her that title can remove it.
"That girl was a trick man..."
"Nah dude she was a Chicken Head."

"Dude i met my girlfried over the summer."
"I met her last weekend dude, shes a Chicken Head."
by Lenny Cofax February 04, 2010
a philatious woman, gives "loosies"
a ho u just take home and wear out
by dizzle803 July 25, 2005
Bald-head skally-wag, ain't got no hair in back
Gelled up weaved up, yo hair is messed up
Need to get bout a hustle mission
Get up on loot run to beautician
Run game until the game is gravy
That don't mean spend cheese fo tha baby
(bwok bwok) on a stalk stalk for a bootleg
(bwok bwok) pretty walk walk givin out head
Ain't a thang eat a chicken wang
Got some gold teeth, at the club tryna shake that thang
Tryna get a piece, chicken chicken always into some dumb shit
Shoulda paid ya light bill, you bought a outfit
Stay at ya mammy house and keep a smart mouth
It's Project Pat Memphis Tenn represent the South
So pass tha dro-dro and we gone stay tickin
Full of that mo'-mo' holla at a chicken
bwok bwok, chicken chicken
bwok bwok, chickenheads (boy please whateva)
bwok bwok, chicken chicken
bwok bwok, chickenheads
by Renardinho February 10, 2006
a crack wore. a chick who will do anything for crack, you burn them out and send them home, thats all they're good for.
James: Dude, Jesse's new girlfriend is a chickenhead!
Joe: I know!
James: Dumb bitch.
by J. Bruce March 13, 2008