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A bird you take home and wear out.
Yo I took that chickenhead brittney home last not and plucked all her feathers.
by sexy and seductive January 18, 2007
a girl with no hair
That girl wear weave cause she a chickenhead.
by Queque April 29, 2004
A woman whose hair is very short or has no potential of growth.
Chickenhead bitch! You ain't got no hair!
by Boobs24 June 28, 2006
When your head keeps bobbing up and down because you are falling asleep; often happens during a boring lecture or sermon.
The professor was going on and on about elipses of "wa" and "ga," and the whole room was chickenheading.
by Ollie the Dog December 29, 2003
A computer gaming clan founded in South Africa and is rapidly spreading around the world. Often referred to as CHKNHD they are named as such for the tendency of members to run around in games like chickens with their heads cut off.
by Kovac October 11, 2003
A group of gossiping women who all seem to be talking simultaniously. Some members of the discussion bearly stop to breathe between sentences.
Chattering like a group of chickens.
by shaggy August 01, 2003
I woman who performs oral sex for drugs especially crack cocaine.

i.e. a crackhead.

Chicken is slang for cocaine.
That chickenhead will suck your dick for a dollar.
by SonofSmog January 16, 2008