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they are extra storage of fat on each outer thigh...resembles a horse's saddlebag which is worn on each side of the ribs
She has nasty saddlebags
by toy October 19, 2003
1. a little rodent that can be grey, white, black, or brown that has a long pinkish tail and matching ears and nose
2. this input device used by a person to control the computer
1. A squished a mouse yesterday.
2. My mouse needs cleaning.
by toy October 06, 2003
1. your systems second source of energy if the first ceases to produce
2. what to say when someone is being too forward
3. the thing cars do when they just ran over a curb
1. Just use the backup.
2. Back Up!
3. Shit! Back up.
by toy October 06, 2003
A flirtatious person that gives the vibe that he or she is promiscuous, but has never actually engaged in any sexual acts.
I'll give you ten bucks if you get that faux whore to sleep with you.
by Toy December 01, 2005
Another term for "asshole" used by intellectuals such as myself.
I don't know why, but I always pick the anal orifices for love interests.
by Toy December 22, 2005
female or male that likes to lick the scrotum for pleasure.
by toy October 19, 2003

a card in games that can be used as another amount.
I need a wildcard
by toy October 06, 2003

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