A chickenhead is someone who gives is known for always giving head. Usually a girl and a slut.
Me:Hey Derrick
Derrick:What's Up?
Me:Your girlfriend is the best Chickenhead I know.
Derrick:Shut the hell up!!
by SnIpE3^0#6) June 27, 2011
Usually in south, this word is used to describe one who uses crack cocaine. The other term for cocaine is also 'birds' but later evolved into the name 'chickens' as a code name.
person 1: hey brother, let me get some money.
person 2: nah player, you ain't nothing but a chickenhead
by lolamonroe187 June 21, 2014
A derogatory term to describe a person's head movements when they become angry, namely back and forth, side to side, and head cocked at an angle, that bear some similarities to a chicken's head movements. Originally a country or southern epithet, it has increasingly made its way into larger metropolitan areas.
"Two chicks got in an argument on the bus, I thought they were gonna fight, but all they did was chickenhead at each other."

"Get your chickenheaded attitude out of my face and go calm down."

"I got home late last night and my girlfriend was waiting up and she went all chickenhead on me."
by Rex T May 09, 2014
Icy chunks on a ski slope
Packed powder my ass, more like bullet proof and full of chicken heads!
by Easy cheese September 27, 2013
First done by the neighborhood HOOKER giving head to their tricks in a car, sometimes while the both of them are riding around the streets or hwy. Named after the resemblance of a chickens head BOBBING up and down while their EATING.
Honey did you see them in that car. No Babe there's only one person in that car. Honey! just watch. You'll see a head bobbin up and down in his lap. Ya! your right babe she's sure given that chicken head. Come on over here Babe.
by stillhunglo June 28, 2009
1. A disposable girl.
2. Girl for the night.
3. Ho
I see you went out with Kerri last night. How did things go?
Oh you know she is just a chickenhead.
by Neal #1 March 20, 2008
A name used for a female (or groups of females when plural) who talks a lot about nothing substantial and is not really interested in making conversation (or what another person has to say) but just blathering on about nothing. It is not meant to be a derrogatory term.
A group of females conversing chaotically can actually sound like a bunch of chickens making noise. It can be impossible to decipher any one phrase from the conversation since they are constantly interrupting eachother and changing subjects.

"I'm sorry? I can't really hear you over the chickenheads back there..."
by Craig Stone October 04, 2007
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