one who performs oral sex on many people throughout da course of one day
that woman is a full on chicken-head
by niggi May 10, 2006
A chicken head is pretty much a girl that gives mad head & pretty damn easy and is basically nutitn butta grimey hoe.
Kristen:ayo trey been get the brains from her.
Kellie: that's cuz she aint nuttin butta chicken head
by princess jasmine March 08, 2006
Aw, you can find that anywhere, in the hood, on the block. It's a bird, one of those that you just bring home and wear out.
Yeah, she's a chickenhead
by Leefy Greans January 17, 2006
a grimy, hood, weed smokin, drunk on weekdays, welfare as a lifestyle, down for whatever and whenever chick that is every negative black stereotype in the book. Similiar to a groupee but she has no preference when it comes to social status. You don't have to be a baller.
A chicken head wears houseshoes in public, kool aid red hair, several ponytail holders on short ass ponytail, lives every aspect of their adult life infront of their children without any discretion and finally with a limited mentality of doing anything outside of the hood.
by Ms. KMB February 07, 2008
1) A hoochie, ho, or fellatious woman.
2) A woman who puts her mouth on the member, sometimes called a "crack whore."
3) A bird that you take home and wear out. Found anywhere, esp. on the block or in the hood.
I'm broke, gonna find me a chickenhead tonight.
by Wildn March 02, 2009
1) the manner in which a girls head bobs when giving head the right way
2) a dance that origanated in the STL
1) ask your girl for an example
by STL's finest dime October 25, 2003
the movement of a persons head while giving oral sex
she's a chicken head
by magic mandy January 07, 2013

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