Someone who sucks ball sack and makes shitty poker calls with trash like 88 when there are two all ins and a Q on the flop and then goes to catch his set on the turn.
Im Chris Gravel and im a chickenhead.
Im Chris Gravel and I suck at poker
Im Chris Gravel and my dad and I team up to run trains on my two sisters.
Im Chris Gravel.
by Adam H. November 27, 2005
A woman that has very little hair but tries to act as if she does by waering fake pontytails and or weaves.
Girl did you Shaniqua's hair the utha day? Honey that bitch shit aint that long..she a chicken head if ever there was one!
by nachoavrijfml April 06, 2004
When your head keeps bobbing up and down because you are falling asleep; often happens during a boring lecture or sermon.
The professor was going on and on about elipses of "wa" and "ga," and the whole room was chickenheading.
by Ollie the Dog December 29, 2003
A head, usually cut off a chicken, which is kept on your mantle piece
nice chickenhead bob!
by hahaha July 22, 2003
An old (but still common) style of a knob that is used mostly in industrial applications and guitar amplifiers. It looks like a long narrow triangle over a round skirt, and looking from the side it curves down at the point. From the side it resembles the head of a chicken.

Those chicken heads really dress up your amp.
by Old Radio Collector May 12, 2006
A man or woman who loves to suck dick.
Dat boy/girls a chickenhead and got some skillz fo realz!
by Dosh August 22, 2005
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