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The nose bleed that results from doing too much blow
"After doing one huge rail too many, I ended up with Cherry Coke gushing out my nose"
by Partykrasher December 22, 2009
best drink ever
better than wild cherry pepsi
by Johnothan_k September 16, 2003
a good-ass drink
Kali: I am drinking cherry coke

Jen: OMG! SO AM I!

Anna: fux0rs I am not =(

Kali and Jen: AHAHAHA
by theeclique November 15, 2003
Very good stuff, strong cherry flavor
Cherry Coke ROCKS
by Saints September 20, 2003
When one strategically drives to a very remote gas station or store and sends an individual in their vehicle into the store with a dollar and tells the person to get them a cherry coke. Once the unwanted individual enters the establishment the driver quickly leaves the person, abandoning them.
A great form of revenge or a fun way to get someone out of your life or dump them.
I decided to quit dating that jackass, so I drove him to the middle of south Georgia and cherry coked him!
by Glamdoll December 18, 2008