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nectar of the gods
mmm cherry coke
by terd ferguson August 21, 2003
Burt Reynolds alternative identity
alex:burt reynolds
terd:that's not my name
alex:terd ferguson
terd:yeah whadya want
by terd ferguson August 21, 2003
Pretty much the worst excuse for pizza I have ever tasted. It has burnt crap on the bottom of the bread. The sauce tastes like blood from the co-workers who made it, and the cheese is rubber from the tires of peoples cars who live in Canyon Lake. To summarize it for you "crap on crust"
A's pizza worker: What would you like today Sir?
Me: Uhhh, Crap on Crust with extra co-worker blood, two orders of three cheese throw-up bread, and a salad with extra leaves from the back of your pizza store.
A's pizza co-worker: Ok, your order will be ready in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
by terd ferguson February 16, 2005
adjective often used in reference to ninjas
Ninjas are awesome, and by awesome I mean totally sweet.
by terd ferguson August 21, 2003
A phrase used to describe a geographical location, The Dirty South. It is a lesser known, albeit cooler way to say The Dirty South or The Dirty Dirty.
Down here in the Dirty Sizzle, we like pig pickins and hush puppies. I said hush puppies, bitch!
by terd ferguson April 22, 2005
Something that tastes like crap that is on crust. Most of the time it is used as a term for pizza that sucks; A's Pizza
Some Guy: Ya, I just went to A's Pizza and got some "crap on crust".
Other Guy: Mmmm, crap on crust sounds good right now.
by terd ferguson February 16, 2005
its when you take a bag of feces and light it on fire then get high off the fumes and chuck the bag at stuff
You fucking hoodlums, ill get you for this how dare you patouhas my new cadillac escalade
by terd ferguson April 23, 2005

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