when u get a nosebleed from snorting coke and it gets in ur stash
NOOOOOO! ok let this cherry coke dry out and well blow it when it does
by hibberd is gay September 20, 2005
Slang for bisexual i.e. attracted to both men and women
she's cherry coke, won't share her girlfriend :(
by Tricky May 24, 2004
A prison sex term that is used to describe the prober smashing the probee's head on the prison bars until the probee's head bleeds and his asshole tightens giving the prober a better orgasm.
What a field trip, I saw an inmate get cherry coked at the county jail!
by PyrhoM@XX October 11, 2010
Also like Coke, this word has been modified by midwesterners to recieve non beverage like connotations.
Cherry Coke refers to an impreding positive situation of any nature and is often followed by a sinister laugh. Used as a response.
person1:Winning the lottery would be sweet.
Person2: Cherry Coke.
by Nathan Voelker & Drew Fitch October 03, 2004
cherry coke is a woman or girl's pussy when she is having her period.
Tyrone: I'm all about eating that pussy
LaTanya: Sorry honey, I'm on the rag
Tyrone: It's cool; I like cherry coke
by abnonomer June 25, 2005

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