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The feeling you get when you are high on coccaine.
I feel like superman on roller skates.
by tkeeo_754 February 25, 2005
A term used in a bar when you stop supplying alcohol to an obviously inebriated person and substitute all forms of liquid intake with Coke.
Oh man, look at Pat he's so drunk that he just pissed his pants and fell down the steps. Yeah Mike just told the bartender that he's been coked.
by BigPK January 01, 2011
When one irritates a bartender, or appears intoxicated, the bartender will make them a mixed drink without any booze (waving the bottle over the glass but not pouring any liquid). And charging them for a mixed drink when only giving them a glass of coke.
I think that bitch just coked me
by wastedproof September 14, 2007
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