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When one strategically drives to a very remote gas station or store and sends an individual in their vehicle into the store with a dollar and tells the person to get them a cherry coke. Once the unwanted individual enters the establishment the driver quickly leaves the person, abandoning them.
A great form of revenge or a fun way to get someone out of your life or dump them.
I decided to quit dating that jackass, so I drove him to the middle of south Georgia and cherry coked him!
by Glamdoll December 18, 2008
A child or infant.

Usually refers to someone's unwanted or unintended bastard offspring.

An insult.
(While in a shopping mall, a child of a rather young, single mother walks into you and it dumps ice-cream on your pants):

"Woman! Put your dirty little chud on a leash and be a parent! That cost me $100!"
by Glamdoll December 24, 2008

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