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a good-ass drink
Kali: I am drinking cherry coke

Jen: OMG! SO AM I!

Anna: fux0rs I am not =(

Kali and Jen: AHAHAHA
by theeclique November 15, 2003
STFU pronounced aloud

STFU means to shut the fuck up and is one of the better online acronyms

got something to say about this defintion then you can stafoo!
bob: it doesn't work if we both do it =(
lexi: noone:*cares*
by theeclique February 23, 2004
Laughing In Real Life for lol is abused and only said when something is amusing or when nothing else can be said. LIRL is used when people really are laughing in real life. It was Invented by THEE Clique and used primarily by them, but it is slowly spreading throughout the internet.
Bob: lirl, that's ironic...
Lexi: stfu, it coulda been one of us, I mean there are a lot of us and we're never on anymore and-
Everybody else: STFU
Lexi: k
Ki: thank god...
Callie: I used to be god...
Jen: lirl
Nikki: don't you think this example is getting kind of long?
Anna: yea k, I end it
by theeclique January 25, 2004
A tool used for people to communicate with each other and have fake sex. The source of evil in the world. Started many a scary cults.
Callie and Ki started a cult, and recruited Kali, Bob, Anna, Nikki and all the rest. We blame those damn computers
by theeclique September 14, 2003
An agreement set up between people to keep things secret. Are always broken, we don't knwo why they're set up.
Bob: HAHA! I just agreed to this privaacy policy but I'm going to violate it!

Kali: stfu I'm watching porn.

Bob: F U

Rest of CLique: STFU!
by theeclique November 15, 2003
A good emo band with a girl singer!

They opened for Dashboard Confessional at a few concerts.

you should check them out.
Bob: I'm wearing my Remedy Session T-shirt

Ki: um k
by theeclique November 15, 2003
What WE got going on in the bed
Anna had some serious skill going on last night, but sadly Mauie was the only one to see them.
by theeclique September 14, 2003

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