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A bigfoot or Sasquatch is a large hairy biped that looks somewhat human-like. Bigfoot usually range from 6ft to 10ft tall.
They are believed to roam the Northern U.S, Canada and the Santa Cruz mountains in California.
"Dude i saw a f*cking bigfoot man!!!"

"Lay off the crack, Greg!"
by Johnothan_k February 01, 2005
best drink ever
better than wild cherry pepsi
by Johnothan_k September 16, 2003
American version: arse
British-australian version: vagina
American: i need to whipe my fanny.

British-Australian: My boyfriend blew in my fanny!
by Johnothan_k October 10, 2003
owes alot of money to britney spears
lalala! drink pepsi! Lalala! wheres my money!!!
by Johnothan_k September 16, 2003
a word referring to very big.
The price on that house must be astonomical!!!
by Johnothan_k October 11, 2003

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