a good-ass drink
Kali: I am drinking cherry coke

Jen: OMG! SO AM I!

Anna: fux0rs I am not =(

Kali and Jen: AHAHAHA
by theeclique November 15, 2003
When one strategically drives to a very remote gas station or store and sends an individual in their vehicle into the store with a dollar and tells the person to get them a cherry coke. Once the unwanted individual enters the establishment the driver quickly leaves the person, abandoning them.
A great form of revenge or a fun way to get someone out of your life or dump them.
I decided to quit dating that jackass, so I drove him to the middle of south Georgia and cherry coked him!
by Glamdoll December 18, 2008
The nose bleed that results from doing too much blow
"After doing one huge rail too many, I ended up with Cherry Coke gushing out my nose"
by Partykrasher December 22, 2009
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