to try unsuccessfully to assassinate your friend while claiming to be deer hunting.
I was on a hunting trip with my friend and pulled a cheney but my friend still survived.
by Abraxas Romante July 13, 2008
War criminal; to desecrate the Constitution.
The cheney was hung for his crimes against America.
by Gypsy Bandit February 02, 2007
Someone who is being a dick.
Hey, it's his fault she broke things off. Maybe if he wasn't such a Cheney to her, she'd still be with him.
by Russell Dingus January 29, 2009
A tight-lipped, angry little asshole.
Doctor 1: "So how did your examination of that patient go?"

Doctor 2: "He had a terrible rash on his Cheney, but it was so tight I could hardly get my finger in there to apply the steroid cream."
by Xtofer January 12, 2009
a balding anus
Jim: Did you see that republican skank with the hairy Bush.

Joe: That's alright, her Cheney was smooth for the pokin'
by permajunct April 28, 2010
Applied to online gaming meaning, to kill or harm a teammate.
When you threw that smoke grenade I almost pulled a "Cheney" on you.

The last time he used a rocket launcher he pulled a "Cheney" on the whole team.

Did you "Cheney" me on purpose?
by Amahri August 30, 2007
The abilty to influence others to think in a different way; a person who believes in himself; someone who doesn't care what others think as long as they can intelligently support their suppositions, a person who grows up with an unusual name and lives up to its enigma
The man cheneyed his friend to consider an unknown band.

The writer proved to be a cheney never listening to the put-downs from editors.

The teenager's ability to cheney others made him see what they were trying to say.

Marakesh, a cheney his whole life, became most attractive to women.
by RabbittFoxx February 04, 2010

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